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How Can I contact You?

If you need to speak with one of our wonderful humans you can call 02 95725888, or if email works for you here are our teams

For enquiries, sales@marrickvillefreezers.com.au


Do you Deliver?

Yes we do, once you are set up online a postcode pop up will appear with your areas delivery days


How much does delivery cost?

We do not charge a delivery fee however we do have minimum order requirement. These are visible on your profile and also show up on the delivery day pop up.


Is there a cut off time for placing my order?

Orders must be received before 10pm for next allocated day.


How can I change or cancel my order?

To add, change or cancel your order you must email orders@marrickvillefreezers.com.au


How can I track my order?

We are working on an automated system however till that happens you can call our wonderful team on 0295725888 to find out where your order is.


What time do you deliver?

All our trucks leave our facility very early in the morning and our drivers work hard to get to you as soon as possible. There is no time guarantee however it is always best practice to advise us of your trading times so we can have them on your profile to schedule the delivery accordingly.


I placed an order but am missing an item, what do it do?

It is best practice to always check the delivery made whilst the driver is still there as the item could still be on the truck. (we are human after all ??) If the driver has left you need to call our office immediately and advise us of the missing item. We usually can rectify the issue on the same day however sometimes we may need to send the item out on the next available delivery day.


I have received the wrong item, what do I do?

As above its important to check the delivery when it is made, if an incorrect item is delivered you must either give it back to the driver and ensure both documents are noted of this stock issue or if the driver has left you must notify us by telephone immediately. Items that need to be returned but be returned in the same state of receival. No items will be accepted for return if they have been opened or are not at the correct temperature.



Can I find you on Social Media?

We love you for this question. Yes, you can follow like and share all our material


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