• Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service:

1. Definitions: a. ‘Customer’ is the signatory or guarantor for the entity attached to this membership form whom intends to trade with Marrickville Freezers Foodservice.

2. Returns Policy: a. Where stock is unusable or unacceptable at no fault of the receiver, returns must be lodged within 24hours of delivery to be considered. b. Stock returns must be kept frozen, chilled or dry respectively, undamaged and unopened in perfect re[1]sellable condition to be considered.

3. Claims for Credit (and through no fault of the claimant): a. Claims must be reported to Marrickville Freezers Foodservice staff directly via Telephone and further accompanied in writing. Further instructions may also be directed by Marrickville Freezers Foodservice staff. b. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice is not responsible whatsoever for delay in availability or non-delivery of goods and is not obligated to compensate as such for losses direct and indirect as a result of delays or non-delivery.

4. Payment Terms: a. Unless otherwise formally agreed in writing by an authorised member of the accounts team or director at Marrickville Freezers Foodservice, all invoices are to be paid no later than the date of delivery. Accepted forms are of payment are defined in ‘Accepted forms of payment’.
b. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice reserves the right to cease trading and business relations for reasons of non-payment. c. Interest and fees may be charged to pursue unpaid invoices.

5. Delivery Times: a. While all care and considerations are given to ensure deliveries are completed in a timely manner, no guarantees for specific delivery times or delivery windows are offered. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice recommends all customers provide out-of-hours access such as installation of a secure lockbox or pinpad.

6. Liability for delivered stock: a. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice take no responsibility after stock has been delivered and accepted by the intended recipient. b. In instances where the recipient has authorised for stock to be left unattended, Marrickville Freezers Foodservice take no responsibility for unattended stock and all future claims for credit and returns for this stock will be void.

7. Changes to business details including ownership and entity:

a. Any and all changes must be communicated to Marrickville Freezers Foodservice in writing 30 days in advance of changes taking place.
b. Any and all agreements and rights may not be transferred without the prior consent of Marrickville Freezers Foodservice.

8. Privacy Policy:
a. Information provided to and from Marrickville Freezers Foodservice are to be kept in strictest confidence. All information and sensitive data (such as pricing) may not be shared without written consent by Marrickville Freezers Foodservice.
b. Where 8a is not upheld, Marrickville Freezers Foodservice reserves the right to commence legal action to recover losses and damages caused by the unauthorised disclosure of information and sensitive data.

9. Discretion: a. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice at its discretion may from time to time update or amend the Terms of Service without notification to the signatory.

10. Termination of Agreements and Trading:
a. Marrickville Freezers Foodservice may terminate any agreements and/or cease trade terms at their absolute discretion.
b. Termination of agreements or trading terms does relieve the customer from their obligations to fulfil payment for goods and services provided.

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